Local Counsel

Spotlight: New Haven Federal Court

When you litigate in federal court in Connecticut, you have a 1 in 3 chance of assignment to the Richard C. Lee United States Courthouse in New Haven. It is an impressive edifice located on right on the New Haven Green. Prior to its current service as a courthouse, it[…]

New Form for Pro Hac Vice Applicants Issued

New Form Issued by the Judicial Branch We can thank the Judicial Branch for another form for Connecticut state practice. JD-CL-143, Affidavit of Attorney Seeking Permission to Appear Pro Hac Vice is now available. Since the transition to a nearly 100% e-filing system, the Judicial Branch has promulgated a number of[…]

Five Reasons to Hire Local Counsel

In a service business like the practice of law, many lawyers firmly believe we can service all of our client’s needs, whatever they are and wherever they take us. Because many of us are believe that clients want one-stop shopping for all of their legal services, we want to “do[…]

Pro Hac Vice in Connecticut, Part 2

Alright, you have read part one of our post and you have made the decision to apply for admission pro hac vice in Connecticut, you understand the basic mechanics and the costs/fees involved, are you prepared to make the case for your admission? Conn. Prac. Bk. §2-16 sets for a[…]