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Spotlight: Hartford Federal Court

Until 1963, the United States District Court in Hartford was headquartered at the old Post Office and Courthouse now known as the William R. Cotter Federal Building at 135-149 High Street. Outgrowing the facilities there, the seat of court at Hartford has been at the Abraham A. Ribicoff Federal Building[…]

Multi-jurisdictional Practice in Connecticut, Part 1

Not every matter requires admission pro hac vice in Connecticut. For those other circumstances, and they are more often than you think, enrollment and notification of multi-jurisdictional practice (“MJP”) to the Connecticut Statewide Bar Counsel is mandatory. See Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5(c). What is MJP? Multi-jurisdictional practice is the[…]

Spotlight: New Haven Federal Court

When you litigate in federal court in Connecticut, you have a 1 in 3 chance of assignment to the Richard C. Lee United States Courthouse in New Haven. It is an impressive edifice located on right on the New Haven Green. Prior to its current service as a courthouse, it[…]