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Multi-jurisdictional Practice in Connecticut, Part 1

Not every matter requires admission pro hac vice in Connecticut. For those other circumstances, and they are more often than you think, enrollment and notification of multi-jurisdictional practice (“MJP”) to the Connecticut Statewide Bar Counsel is mandatory. See Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5(c). What is MJP? Multi-jurisdictional practice is the[…]

New Form for Pro Hac Vice Applicants Issued

New Form Issued by the Judicial Branch We can thank the Judicial Branch for another form for Connecticut state practice. JD-CL-143, Affidavit of Attorney Seeking Permission to Appear Pro Hac Vice is now available. Since the transition to a nearly 100% e-filing system, the Judicial Branch has promulgated a number of[…]

Pro Hac Vice in Connecticut, Part 2

Alright, you have read part one of our post and you have made the decision to apply for admission pro hac vice in Connecticut, you understand the basic mechanics and the costs/fees involved, are you prepared to make the case for your admission? Conn. Prac. Bk. §2-16 sets for a[…]

Pro Hac Vice in Connecticut, Part 1

This purpose of this article is to discuss the general parameters for getting admitted pro hac vice in Connecticut. Appearing in Connecticut state court as a visiting lawyer isn’t impossible, it requires  attention to detail at the beginning and annual compliance until two years after the matter at issue is[…]