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Connecticut Federal Court and Covid-19 – Update

As we move through the pandemic, federal court operations in Connecticut remain impacted by the public health and safety measures in place for our protection. Since our last update, some new developments have occurred. Chief Judge Stefan R. Underhill issued a new order on courthouse operations and reauthorized certain CARES Act


Continuing until further notice, mask remain required in all courthouses unless the presiding judge orders otherwise. Social distancing remains in effect.

Individual Judges Given Discretion to hold in person proceedings

Despite the authorization, wide-spread adoption and use of ZoomGov for federal court proceedings, Chief Judge Stefan Underhill has given the authority to each judge to determine if they will hold remote, in-person or hybrid proceedings – after considering the public health risks.

The Grand Jury Returns

After many weeks absent from the District, grand juries are now permitted to sit in any Connecticut federal courthouse, masked and observing social distancing.

Feeling Sick or exposed to COVID-19 Positive person, 21 day bar on entry

Chief Judge Underhill has modified the earlier order on prohibiting entry of certain person, including persons feeling sick, from entry to the federal courthouses in Connecticut. Now, if you are sick, feeling sick or been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person, you are prohibited from entry to courthouses for 21 days.


With the passage of the Coronoavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”), chief judges have been empowered to modify certain criminal proceedings in order to safely operate the courts.

With the re-authorization, a whole host of things can be held via video, including presentments and pleas.


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