Federal Court

Connecticut Federal Court and Covid-19 – Update

As we move through the pandemic, federal court operations in Connecticut remain impacted by the public health and safety measures in place for our protection. Since our last update, some new developments have occurred. Chief Judge Stefan R. Underhill issued a new order on courthouse operations and reauthorized certain CARES[…]

Connecticut Federal Court and COVID-19

No matter where you are in America, the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak has impacted court operations. Thankfully, the judges, clerks and staff in the District of Connecticut have done an excellent job minimizing the impact, promoting safety and continuing court operations during this crisis. Masks Required to Enter Any CT Federal[…]

Pro Hac Vice in Connecticut Federal Court

Admission as a visiting lawyer in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut is a straight-forward process so long as you meet the requirements of the applicable local rule. Admission is considerably less costly and less burdensome than admission pro hac vice in state court. Details on[…]