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Federal Court

If you have a client with a matter in Connecticut federal court, then you will probably be looking for a lawyer to act as local counsel that understands the intricacies and nuances of the local courts and rules here in Connecticut. For years, Attorney John Radshaw has been assisting out-of-state law firms as local counsel in civil matters in the Connecticut federal courts in Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford. Knowing the local rules, the judge’s rules, and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is half the challenge.

Familiarity with your opposing counsel’s strengths and weaknesses, knowing the pet peeves and practice preferences of the judge assigned to your case, and having a local counsel working with you who can work the most efficiently with local federal court clerks and e-filing system should also be a top priority. When acting as local counsel, Attorney Radshaw will not pass through any costs or fees for travel time to and from any Connecticut federal courthouse. We look out over the New Haven Green to the federal courthouse there. We are less than 30 miles from the Bridgeport federal courthouse, and about the same to the Hartford federal courthouse. Therefore, if you are looking for experienced and cost-effective Connecticut local counsel for your federal Connecticut civil litigation, call Attorney John Radshaw today at (203) 654-9695.