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Local Counsel

Who are you going to call for local counsel services in Connecticut? A law school classmate? Dust off some directory like Best’s or Martindale? Pick someone out of the yellow pages? Partner with some medium or large firm who might poach your client? Or overstaff the matter? You want to pick Attorney John Radshaw for your local counsel partner. Local counsel is his business. Whether a one-off case or the potential for repeated matters, Attorney Radshaw has two goals – (1) service your client and (2) service your needs litigating in Connecticut.

Based on your preferences and needs, we can serve in as expansive or as limited of a role as a particular matter may require. Do you need the lay of the land? Background on judges and juries? Local procedure? Landing subpoenas? An able second chair in litigation, simple to complex? Do you need a seasoned litigator to bring your case from filing to verdict? We can handle it.

Over the years, Attorney Radshaw has developed relationships in the state and federal courts in Connecticut, not just as a lawyer, but as local counsel. He understands the needs of national counsel and a client’s preferred trial lawyer.

When looking for the best local counsel for your Connecticut case, your priorities should be experience, cost, and responsiveness. Attorney John Radshaw strives to offer first class service, coupled with the skill and experience you would expect from the best civil litigation firms in the state. We have experience in assisting out-of-state counsel with complicated civil litigation involving commercial collections, intellectual property, copyright infringement, personal injury, employment matters, business disputes, workplace discrimination and intentional torts.

We also accompany out-of-state law firms with Connecticut arbitrations and mediations. In either setting, we will work quickly to have our out-of-state co-counsel admitted pro hac vice into the Connecticut courts so you and your firm can get as involved in the case as you and your client would prefer. If you are looking for experienced and cost-effective Connecticut local counsel for your state or federal Connecticut civil litigation, call Attorney John Radshaw today at (203) 654-9695.