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State Court

If you want to appear in Connecticut state court, you must have local counsel. Local counsel must review and sign all pleadings, briefs, and other papers filed with the court. In state court, however, local counsel must appear at all proceedings. Do you want someone to help carry your briefcase or do you want a partner in your litigation? Attorney John Radshaw has served as local counsel to many national companies and financial institutions in Connecticut state court. Consistent with the obligations under state rules of professional conduct, Attorney Radshaw advises lead counsel concerning local rules and procedures, and provide substantive advice, while remaining sensitive to the established client relationship that lead counsel has with the mutual client.  We handle all aspects of the process, including the tax implications, the registration requirements, and compliance with all other administrative requirements

Finding the best Connecticut local counsel law firm for your case can be a challenge. As you assess the costs of local counsel for your client, your local counsel’s proximity to the courthouse becomes a factor. When acting as local counsel, Attorney Radshaw will not pass through any costs or fees for travel time to and from the New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford courthouses. We look out over the New Haven Green to the state courthouses there. We are less than 30 miles from the Bridgeport state courthouse, and about the same to the Hartford state courthouse. Therefore, if you are looking for experienced and cost-effective Connecticut local counsel for your Connecticut state civil litigation, call Attorney John Radshaw today at (203) 654-9695.