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New Haven Federal Courthouse

Spotlight: New Haven Federal Court

When you litigate in federal court in Connecticut, you have a 1 in 3 chance of assignment to the Richard C. Lee United States Courthouse in New Haven. It is an impressive edifice located on right on the New Haven Green. Prior to its current service as a courthouse, it served as a post office. Completed in 1919 on plans from John Gamble Rogers, the courthouse evokes the image of justice.

Assigned Judges & Magistrates

Right now, four federal judges and two magistrates are assigned to New Haven. The federal judges are Hon. Janet Bond Arterton, Hon. Charles S. Haight Jr., Hon. Janet C. Hall, and Hon. Jeffrey Alker Meyer. Judge Arterton and Judge Haight are senior judges. Also resident at this courthouse are three magistrates: Hon. Sarah A. L. Merriam, Hon. Robert M. Spector, and Hon. Joan G. Margolis. Judge Margolis retired effective May 1, 2018 but has been recalled to service to conduct settlement conferences.


Easily accessible from Interstate 95 and MetroNorth/Amtrak, New Haven provides the greatest level of resources for a visiting lawyer. Plenty of first class overnight accommodations, quality dining, Class A office space, printing services and other litigation support services are clustered around the New Haven Green on which the Courthouse sits.


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